VISA Open House  December 20, 2014 – January 2, 2015

VISA Turns 10 Exhibition & Sale October 29-December 20, 2014
Original 10 x 10 works by invited artists

Waterscapes August 8-August 30, 2014
Marlene Jess: Artist in Residence
Painting and sculpture series that explores the marketing of water products.

What It Can Become  June 8-June 28, 2014
Diploma Graduation Exhibition 2014
Mary Babineau and Jessica Kuyper

A series of special project exhibitions by artists who are also teachers. Exhibition will include presentations by each artist on the topic of artistic practice and the development of a work from idea to finished result.

Paradise Lost: Xane St Phillip May 23-June 2, 2014
Closing reception Sunday, June 1 at 2pm
Artist talk Sunday, June 1 at 2pm
Essay by John Luna: Xane St. Phillip, Paradise Lost

Tether: Tara Nicholson May 3-12, 2014
Opening reception, May 3 at 7:30
Artist talks Sunday, May 11 at 2pm

Certificate of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition April 17-April 28, 2014

in/visible  March 28 – April 14, 2014

The works in in/visible are about repetition and endurance; visibility and invisibility. Using everyday materials such as discarded paper and wood, cotton thread and chalk, Clare Thomas makes drawings and prints composed of hundreds of repeated lines, dots and circles. Repeating specific actions such as drawing a line or sewing a stitch creates marks that resemble a language or counting system – a visible history of the action that created them.

Refractive Anamnesis  March 7-24, 2014
Sky Fairchild-Waller, Sarah Jay, Brandy Leigh, Leslie Wiegand Love, d bradley muir and Blair Taylor.  Curated by Laura Gildner.

Investigating memory as an embodied process, six artists from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Island deconstruct the concept of the déja-vu in relation to identity and space.  Featuring painting, performance, photography, sculpture, sound and video by Sky Fairchild-Waller, Sarah Jay, Brandy Leigh, d bradley muir, Blair Taylor, and Leslie Wiegand-Love.  Curated by Laura Gildner.

Drawing Beneath the Surface – January 24-March 3, 2014
Jill Ehlert, Sarah Cowan and June Higgins
Curated by Wendy Welch
This exhibition highlights the way drawing moves from drawing marks to painterly strokes and sculptural forms.  These three artists work in the realm between the abstract and the representational and use line as a  form of expressive gesture and a vehicle for meaning.