Stuck, January 18 – February 18, 2013
Exhibition of collage works curated by Tyler Hodgins
Exhibiting Artists: Sarah Gee, Randy Grskovic, Dorothy Field, John Luna, and Sébastien Liénard-Boisjoli

Constructed Geometries,  February 22-April 1, 2013
Curated by Wendy Welch
Paintings and drawings by Kyler Clement, Linda Peters, and Jen Smyly

Project Space: Jack Coyne, April 2-April 8, 2013

In the Backyard: Cat Thom
Independent Studio Program Exhibition

Art Finale 2013
Exhibition of Grade 12 students from Vancouver Island Secondary schools
Eric Albert, Anya Alldritt, Sophie Victoria Baines, Meghan Zook-Brown, Emma Cawsey, Muhwa Dorward-Seitcher, Marnie Gallop, Ali Greene, Emily Harding, Jessica Hawco, Kiara Hurley, Matt Hykaway, Levi Lefebvre, Kesley Moore, Carina Pogoler, Sara Riehmer, Heather Faye Seckinger, Emilie Sefton, Drew Smith, Emma Tennant, Albert Trelawny, Rachael West.

Impulse, Diploma of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition, June 2 – 24, 2013
Celine Berry, Jack Coyne, Anna Curtin, Kyra Fransen, Ira Hoffecker, Nathan Morales, Jennifer Wilson

Jeremy Herndl Recent Paintings September 13-Ocotber 27, 2013
VISA Instructor will showcase work he produced over the summer as part of the VISA Artist Summer Residency.

Difference & Repetition November 1 – December 2, 2013
Organized by Efren Quiroz
Exhibition of works by 33 different artists responding to a painting by Gerhard Richter.