Fern Long

01 FLong Cul de Sac Installation Shot 2019
Cul de Sac Acrylic on Cardboard Installation shot, size variable – 16 pieces 2019 $800
Doctor Appointment Acrylic on Board 25x31x2 cm 2019 $100
03 FLong LATE NIGHT 2019 ACRYLIC ON BOARD 21x32x2cm 2019
Late Night Acrylic on Board 21x32x2 cm 2019 $100
04 FLong L to R I could Live There and Lucky Acrylic on Board 4x8 ft 2019
I Could Live There (Left) Lucky (Right) 4×8 ft. Each 2019 City of Victoria Commission
05 FLong L to R Paper Tigers and All Flies Flies and Goes Acrylic on Board 4x8 ft 2019
Paper Tigers (Left) All Flies, Flies and Goes (Right) 4×8 ft each 2019 City of Victoria Commission
06 FLong CREEP IN A TEE-SHIRT Installation Shot
Creep In A Tee- Shirt Cardboard, Acrylic Paint, Paper Mache and Thread 40x120x38 cm 2019 $350
08 FLong Force Majeure Installation shot 2019
Force Majeure Plastic with tape, tempera paint on wall Installation Shot, size variable 2019 NFS
09 FLong Government St diptych charcoal on cardboard 182x91 cm 2019
Government Street Charcoal on Cardboard 182×91 cm $250
10 FLong Return Ticket Acrylic spray paint and collage on board 30x35x2cm 2019
Return Ticket Acrylic, Spray paint and Collage on Board 25x45x2 cm 2019 $100

Architecture, urban landscape and personal history intersect in my art practice. I explore theidea of home in my paintings and the built environment in the sculptures that I construct. Ineach series, I endeavor to consider the spaces we inhabit and how we move through themphysically and emotionally.In my paintings, wooden supports in the shape of a house are beguilingly simple but the subjectof home is complex. What does it mean to have a home? A prison or a refuge? A place ofbelonging or no more than a suitcase; it is a physical space but also an emotional landscapeinextricably bound with memory. Domestic objects - a chair, a lamp, a coffee cup, stand in ascharacters in these abstracted interiors that combine color and fragments of text to create openended narratives.My sculptural work then expands from personal spaces into the urban/industrial landscape.Using found/salvaged materials like wood, cardboard and plastic I respond to their materiality tobuild structures and installations that reflect the rapid expansion of cities and their resultingcast-offs. Left in piles by the roadside or in dumpsters they call out to be turned into somethingmore. Reimagined, they retain their history while becoming something entirely different.

Mary Babineau

The Slide Room Gallery is very excited to start our season of virtual exhibitions with Mary Babineau, a very talented local artist who is also a graduate of the Diploma of Fine Arts of Vancouver Island School of Art.

Thank you Mary for opening this new chapter in our gallery.

For more information on Mary visit her website https://marytbabineau.com/


01MTB LandOfOpportunity2018
Land of Opportunity, oil, pastel and pencil on canvas, 59.5”x78”, 2018
02MTB Turn2019
Turn, oil on canvas, 36”x48”, 2019
03MTB NorthEndNight2018
North End Night, oil on canvas, 36”x48”, 2018
04MTB DrivewayIn2018
Driveway In, pencil and oil pastel with collage on wood cradle, 11”x14”, 2018
05MTB Guardians2018
Guardians, oil and pastel on canvas, 78”x54”, 2018
06MTB BarmaidStray2019
The Barmaid’s Stray, oil on wood cradle, 18”x24”, 2019
07MTB SconesAnd Fashion2019
Scones & Fashion, oil on canvas, 48”x36”, 2019
08MTB UnderRenovation2018
Under Renovation, gouache and mixed media on canvas, 48”x36”, 2018
09MTB TodaysComplaint2018
Today’s Complaint, oil and pastel on canvas, 78”x54”, 2018
10MTB ShoppingRiverStyx2019
Shopping the River Styx, oil, pastel and pencil on canvas, 32”x60”, 2019
11MTB drawings from ResidueOfPromise2018
Drawings from series, Residue of Promise, mixed media with collage on paper, 2018
12MTB SnowDay2019
Snow Day, from L A Y E R show, re-purposed materials and plaster of Paris, 2019

My work is about where I go and what I’m going through. Paintings express my experience of urban environment, physical state and response to situation.
Process directs how I think through a painting. Some are drawn from my vacation photos, taken when I get a break from responsibility. I use sense memory and gesture to share the pleasure but am unable to deny what is seen, such as the contrasts of lives and fortune on the Las Vegas Strip, or the lot of work over leisure for servers in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Other paintings incorporate photos of spaces and objects in museums: using these I construct inviting sanctuaries which offer me comfort. I also work from imagination, exploring personal motifs and an abstract language of mark-making. There is a release of energy in the immediacy of what I am dealing with and by trusting to intuition and practice an image is created.
I’m currently working on a series about making it through the final year of my father’s life. He passed away recently at the fine age of ninety-seven years and seven months. I was his live-in caregiver for over eight years and suffered from sleep deprivation and financial challenges in this time. The solace I have found in beauty with the tandem flux of change, vulnerability and disintegration manifest in my work.
I’ve learned to accept tedious stress, share some sense of security tempered with dulling fatigue, and observe the falling apart along with the elation of making art from life.