Kreye Residency Artists 2017Bonnie McComb Kreye Residency Exhibition
Jan 19-Feb 12, 2018

Featuring work by the 2017 Bonnie McComb Kreye Studio Residency artists: Elizabeth Charters, Alyssa Ellis, Emily Harrison, and Anna Heywood-Jones

Opening reception: Friday January 19 at 6pm

History as Personal Memory
Ira Hoffecker, Cornelia van Voorst and Ulrike Walker
Curated by Wendy Welch
The artists in this exhibition are all of German descent and are addressing the effect WWII had on their lives. While none of them were alive during the war, it has played an enormous role in their personal memories. These memories are based on information gathered from family relations, historical research and poetic imaginings.
Feb 16- March 12, 2018

Tracing Boundaries
Thematic exhibition organized and curated by VISA curatorial students
March  23-April 9, 2018

The Poetics of Photomontage
April 13-May 7, 2018

ISP Exhibition
May 11-28, 2018

Diploma of Fine Arts Exhibition
June 3-22, 2018